Roxin Driveline Industry Co.,Ltd.

Hangzhou, China

Roxin Driveline Industry Co., an experienced manufacturer and great supplier in making Driveshaft,Drivelines Yokes,PTO shaft,U-joints,Center bearings etc.,

Supply kinds of Driveshaft ,PTO shaft, Driveline Yokes of Slip Yokes, End yokes, Flange yokes, Weld/Tube Yokes,Spline stubs,Companion Flanges,Midship Shafts,Splined Sleeves,Center bearings , U-joints.

It's staff over 200 workers, and have CNC turning machines and CNC work centers.With advanced technology, scientific management systems and perfect after-sales service,which have won a high reputation among customers more than thirty countries and regions.

If you are looking for an excellent and reliable supplier, Roxin Driveline Industry Co.,Ltd., will be your best choice !